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**Some Updates**

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 19, 2014, 4:27 PM

:star: A-chan's FAQ Page:… <-- If you have any questions, please read this first.

:star: Premade Plushies For Sale: a-chan--creations.deviantart.c… <---- Ready to ship upon receipt of payment!

:star: I will be in the artist alley at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2014.

:star: I will be in the artist alley at Yamacon 2014.


:) I figured now would be as good of a time as any to post some updates.

I started a new job at Dunkin Donuts about four months ago. I currently work 30-35 hours a week there (occasionally 40+ hour weeks), which is the main reason why I have not been making much progress on the commission schedule lately and have even found it difficult to photograph completed work sometimes (still need to re-photograph KingKougra after making a minor modification T_T). I am, however, squeezing in time to work on my current commissions whenever I can.

Anyway, I should probably mention that my new job is actually my first (real) job outside of making plushies, as I was a full-time student up until last semester (part-time now) and wanted to be able to focus on my studies during that time.

It has been a very humbling experience so far and has opened my eyes to just how small of an hourly wage I was actually receiving for my commissions (on average), which is more or less why I would like to take the time to re-evaluate myself and my craft once I have taken care of the few remaining commissions I have left.

If I can make $7.25 an hour plus tips (which will soon be $8.00 an hour plus tips) doing what I perceive to be "mindless" work all day/night (running a register, making drinks/sandwiches, stocking/cleaning, third shift baking, etc.) then I feel that I should be charging a lot more than that for my work.

Right now though, I just want to be left alone so I can focus on my college studies, my new job, my commission backlog, and my artist alley table inventory (in that order). I am asking all of you to please be respectful of this! I am tired of receiving commission inquiries on a nearly weekly basis even though I stopped accepting commissions over two years ago and have been working on a rather long backlog this whole time.

The only way to obtain a plushie from me right now is through this link: a-chan--creations.deviantart.c…

Please be advised that filling up this folder with plushies is not a priority of mine. Most of the plushies that will end up in this folder are leftover artist alley table inventory and any commissions from my backlog that go unclaimed. Anything else that ends up in this folder will be whatever I want to make, whenever I feel like making it. In other words, I am not accepting requests. If I wanted to do that, I would reopen commissions, but that is not going to happen anytime soon (if ever).

Once I get through my commission backlog (which will hopefully be by the end of this year), I plan to spend some (long overdue) quality time exploring other creative interests. I will still be making plushies, just not what other people want me to make. I feel that I will never be able to grow as an artist if I continue to be fixated on other people's expectations of me.


Last Updated: 8/19/14

Plushies In Progress

:star: M. Donovan - Cynder - 8": 15% *body in progress*

:star: S. Burgos - Garchomp - 8": 15% *body in progress*

:star: H. Benjamin - Chibisuke - 12": 0% *drafting pattern*

:star: T. Nordahl-Pedersen - Lightingtooth - 18": 0% *drafting pattern*


Commission Blacklist -… - If you take commissions, it is well-advised that you avoid the individuals on this list.




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 your plushies are awesome!!La la la la
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